Structure & Curriculum

Students can choose between two different itineraries, according to their preference. The programme is structured in four semesters, of 30 ECTS each. The first two semesters take place in Girona and provide a solid foundation in field robotics, with focus on land and marine robots. During the 3rd semester, students may choose a programme oriented towards multiple robots and aerial vehicles in Zagreb, or a programme oriented towards autonomous systems and self-driving land vehicles in Budapest. During the last semester, students will prepare a master's thesis, which can be hosted by any of the consortium universities or associated partners.

Students who choose the itinerary on multiple robots and air vehicles will be awarded a single joint degree from the coordinating institution (UdG). Students who complete the specialization in autonomous systems and self-driving land vehicles will receive a double degree awarded by  both the UdG and the ELTE.

Detailed Programme Content


University of Girona

Robot Manipulation (ECTS 6)

Probabilistic Robotics (ECTS 6)

Autonomous Systems (ECTS 6)

Multiple View Geometry (ECTS 6)

Machine Learning (ECTS 6)

Hands-on Intervention (ECTS 6)

Hands-on Localization (ECTS 6)

Hands-on Perception (ECTS 6)

Hands-on Planning (ECTS 6)

Management (ECTS 3)

Research best practices (ECTS 3)


University of Zagreb

Advanced machine learning (ECTS 6)

Aerial Robotics (ECTS 5)

Multi-robots systems (ECTS 6)

Human-robot interaction (ECTS 5)

Sensors, perception and actuation in robotics (ECTS 6)

Ethics and technology (ECTS 2)

Eötvös Loránd University

Advance Machine Learning (ECTS 5)

Introduction to vehicles and Sensors (ECTS 4)

3D Sensing and Sensor Fusion (ECTS 5)

Security of Autonomous Systems (ECTS 5)

Artificial Intelligence lab (ECTS 5)

Methods and tools for AI Applications (ECTS 5)

Learning Methodology (ECTS 1)


University of Girona, University of Zagreb, Eötvös Loránd University

MSC Thesis tutored by: 

  • Partners Institutions
  • Associate Partners

(ECTS 30)