Career Paths

Internship opportunities, job offers for students and former students of the ERASMUS MUNDUS JOINT MASTER in Intelligent Field Robotic Systems.

Summer Internship at UdG - Underwater Vision and Robotics Lab- (Spain)


They have been working on machine learning applications related to the EU project DeeperSense, testing new algorithms to be applied in Event-based cameras, and preparing new labs for future promotions with the NVIDIA Jet Bots platform.

Supervisor: Dr. Nuno Gracias and Prof. Rafael Garcia.

Summer Internship at associated partner EureCAT (Spain)


They working on agricultural robotics and healthcare robotics.

Summer Internship at UdG - Underwater Vision and Robotics Lab- (Spain)


Their work is framed in two projects.

The first is the Spanish OptiHROV project where the students have been working on the development of an underwater docking station for the Girona 1000 AUV and a system for AUV detection and optical modem alignment using Deep Learning. 

The other students have been working in the context of the European ATLANTIS EU project in developing a SLAM-based navigation system and a planning system using ROS-plan.

Supervision of Prof. Pere Ridao and Dr. Narcís Palomeras.

Summer Internship at associated partner Romb-Technologies (Zagreb)


The main task is the implementation of ekf filter for the localization of forklifts that have odometry and laser sensor.

August 2022

Summer Internship at associated partner Coronis Computing (Spain)


Main responsibilities include programming an interface for a hyper-spectral camera used for food inspection tasks and improve the collected data processing speed through GPU computing.

June 2022

Summer Internship at Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (Egypt)


Research and development department.

July 2022