After Accepted

Once your application is accepted, please follow the following steps to formalize your enrollment in order to register to the Master’s Degree.


(after acceptance)
Not available
Fill & Sign RTO Form 
Sign the Students agreement
 Upload the student's agreement & the RTO to the Google Form


Available until the 14th of May
Fill & Sign RTO and Students agreement
Document needed* to support the capacity of fully finance my participation

*Documents needed to formalize the enrollment

1. Document to support nationality (Passport)

Remember that for non-EU candidates the expiry date must not be before December of the year of finishing the IFRoS studies

For non-EU candidates the expiry date must not be before December of the year of finishing the IFRoS studies. For example, for IFRoS  «Starting year»-«Finishing year» the expiry date has to be minimum December «Finishing year». It is possible to apply with a passport which does not fulfil this condition. However, it is important to apply for the new passport immediately after receiving the acceptance to the programme. In case of the applicants from countries where the application for the new Passport takes longer than one month, it is highly recommended to apply for the new passport in advance.

2. Document to support the place of residence

A certificate of residence (municipality) where the student is registered; or a certificate confirming the place of employment or study/training, issued by the employer or the institution where the student studies/finished his/her studies. The supporting documents must have been issued within 12 months before the consortium's official deadline for student selection.

 3. Equivalence of average grades of University studies carried out in foreign institutions.

Ask for documents into the Spanish System from the "Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte

4. Confirmation of UdG pre-registration

Access the pre-registration application form at UdG and fill in all the information requested

5. Academic certificates required for the program admission: submit originals and authenticated documents.

Original diploma(s) and academic transcript(s) should ideally be issued in English/Spanish by the corresponding higher education institution. If this is not possible, these documents must be translated into English/Spanish by a certified translator.

6. Document to support the capacity of fully finance my participation (ONLY SELF-FUNDED STUDENTS)

e.g. grant certificate, sponsor letter + bank statements, stated in euros to the Programme Administration staff certifying that he/she has arranged for, and secured, the required financial resources to cover the tuition fees as well as the below mentioned minimum amount required for travel and cost of living (COL) expenses for the programme period. The required documentation of financial resources can be spread over the two academic years of the Master. In that case submission of a first supporting document should cover amount equivalent to 12 months COL + programme fee for one year + travel. The submission of the second supporting documents will be required to be sent by you next year.

 Costs of living (COL) for study periods spent in any of three Universities such as student housing, food, mandatory insurances for housing and student liability, you should count on roughly 700€*per month minimum, for full programme duration = 2*(12*700€).

You can add screenshot of conversion into euros through the following EU website if the bank statement is stated in other currency than euros.

This will also be required by the consular services for visa application procedures.

Supporting documents must be duly signed: e.g. certificates from parents, sponsor, government or other grant providing institution stating the exact amount they commit themselves paying to you on a monthly basis (or other basis), and confirming that this amount is specifically allocated for payment of your fees, travel and cost of living expenses.