ERASMUS MUNDUS JOINT MASTER in Intelligent Field Robotic Systems

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Why joining IFROS

IFRoS is aimed at a new generation of engineers who will develop new applications and tools to expand the capabilities of field robots in the near future. The technology behind these systems comes from different research areas such as artificial intelligence, computer vision, control, sensorization, machine learning, manipulation, all of them under fast-paced evolution in the current digital revolution. IFRoS addresses the lack of master programs dedicated to intelligent robots and, more specifically, to field robotic systems. 


The Intelligent Field Robotic Systems (IFRoS) is a 2-year joint master degree with 120 ECTS


The programme is structured in four semesters, of 30 ECTS each.


IFRoS is targeted at students that have completed a first degree in areas related to Computer Science, Mathematics, Robotics, or Engineering-based (Biomedical, Electronics, Industrial, Mechanical and similar), and who want to pursue deeper knowledge in field robotics.

IFROS Associated Partners


Seminar on “AI Task Planning and Execution in ROS”, given by Dr. Michael Cashmore and Dr. Gerard Canal

This week we hosted a seminar on AI Task Planning and Execution in ROS, given by Dr. Michael Cashmore (University…

Selection Meeting has taken place this week in Universitat de Girona

Selection Meeting has taken place this week in Universitat de Girona, with the partners from Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE), Budapest…

“Good Research Practices”, given by Dr. Oliver Diaz

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