IFROS Applicants

How to Apply

Promotion 2024-2026 available from October 2023 to January 2024
Open 14th June 2024

Maximmum 30 students accepted per year

Important Dates for Edition 2024-2026


Application deadline for Erasmus+ Grants: 15th January 2024
Selection meeting dates: Mid March, 2024
Grant acceptance notification: Final of March, 2024
Application deadline for self-funded students: 14th June, 2024
Self-funded students acceptance: End of June, 2024
Course Starting: September, 2024




  • One letter of motivation, outlining your reasons for enrolling in the program. The letter should clearly state (preferably 3 or more) achievements of your past curriculum which are related to the area of Field Robotics with clear references or links to support papers, courses or projects, and how these shaped your preferences towards this master program. You can also include a link to a 30s-60s video explaining your projects related to the master. The motivation letter cannot be longer than a single page.
  • A Curriculum Vitae with clear references or links to support papers, courses or projects.
  • A scan of a certified copy of the University Bachelor Degree or equivalent with records transcript* – if you have not been awarded your BSc degree by the application deadline, you must provide a certificate that proves you are registered in the last year of your BSc program.
  • Proof of level of competency in English. Only standard English language tests are accepted (TOEIC, TOEFL iBT, IELTS, Cambridge). One exception is if you have a degree that has been taught 100% in English. In that case you can submit an official certificate from your university stating that your degree was 100% in English.
  • Scan of a valid ID document and/or passport:For non-EU candidates the expiry date cannot be before December of the year of finishing the IFROS master studies. For example, for IFROS 2024-2026 the expiry date has to be minimum December 2026.  It is possible to apply with a passport which does not fulfil this condition. However, it is important to apply for the new passport immediately after receiving the acceptance to the programme. In the case of  applicants from countries where the application for a new passport takes longer than one month, it is highly recommended to apply for the new passport in advance.
  • A current passport-size photograph, scanned at 300dpi.
  • Names of two referees, their addresses and official email contacts. Personal email addresses that are not linked to the referee's institution or company (such as gmail, hotmail, etc) will not be acceptable. Please note that the referees must know you at a personal level,  i.e. well enough to provide an informative letter of recommendation. For example, and adequate referee will be a professor with whom you had several courses or supervised you on one or more projects. Generic letters of recommendation that do not provide insights on your adequacy to the IFROS master program will not be favorably regarded. Referees will be contacted by us  and will have to submit 1 letter of recommendation each.

*Note that, at the selection stage, certified copies are not compulsory (a copy without certification is sufficient). Likewise, translated documents are not necessary as long as the original documents are written in English, Spanish or Catalan.

Incomplete applications will not be taken into consideration. Please read carefully the list of documents and make sure you attached everything to your application, including translations. NO DOCUMENT may be sent by post or email at that stage.


After Accepted

Once your application is accepted, please follow the following steps to formalize your enrollment in order to register to the Master’s Degree.