From research to reality: a case study in technology transfer with Joseta Roca

One of the subjects that the Erasmus Mundus Intelligent Field Robotic Systems Master includes is Management & Entrepreneurship instructed by Xavier Muñoz.
The aim of this subject is that the student gets a broad knowledge of how to communicate, leadership, and team-building skills, along with an understanding of business plans and ethical considerations in emerging technologies.

On this occasion, we had the pleasure of having Joseta Roca, the Executive Assistant of IQUA, for a special class on the subject.

IQUA Robotics is a start-up company created in October 2016 of the University of Girona that operates in the Underwater Robotics field. This is one of the success stories on technology transfer at ViCOROB Institute of Research.

The idea of this seminar was to explain IQUA’s origins as a technology company from ViCOROB research group, how it is structured, in which markets they sell their products and, in general terms, how to more from a promising technology to a commercial product.

The students were really interested in the topic, and they highly participated in the seminar, asking questions about their future plans, how to finance their robotics projects, and getting some tips from our invited speaker.

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