Admissions results 2023-2025

We are pleased to announce that we have finalized the selection process for the scholarships available for the 2023/2025 promotion. After a thorough evaluation of all the applications received, we have selected a group of outstanding candidates who have demonstrated exceptional academic achievements, professional experience, and a strong commitment to their respective fields.

We would like to congratulate the selected students: I-0569, I-0426, I-0300, I-0651, I-0485, I-0593, I-0386, I-0158, I-0423, I-0132, I-0381, I-0844, I-0452, I-0360, I-0745, I-0861, I-0112, I-0255, I-0770, I-0247, I-0238, I-0851 and I-0289, for their outstanding performance during the application process. However, we would also like to acknowledge the high level of the applicants who did not receive a scholarship. We appreciate your interest in the IFROS Master program and encourage you to consider joining our community as a self-funded student. If you are interested, please contact us at

For those who have been granted a scholarship, we have sent notifications by email today indicating your selection and the details of the scholarship. We have also informed the waitlisted applicants of their position on the list. If you have been selected for a scholarship and have not received a notification, please contact us at Please note that you have until March 30th to confirm your acceptance. If we do not receive your confirmation by this date, the scholarship will be offered to the next person on the waitlist.

We would like to express our gratitude to all the applicants for their interest in the IFROS Master program. For more information on the IFROS Master program, please follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and our website.