Selection Meeting for the 2023/2025 Cohort Being Held in Budapest

The selection meeting for the 2023/2025 cohort is currently underway in Budapest, where we are working intensively to choose the best candidates from a pool of over 900 applicants. The process has been rigorous, and we are determined to select the most talented individuals who will make a meaningful impact in their fields.


As part of our visit to Budapest, we had the pleasure of touring the facilities of the prestigious ELTE University, including their state-of-the-art artificial intelligence laboratories. During the tour, we were introduced to the latest robots that have recently been put into operation.


We also had the opportunity to witness the robots that students following the ELTE program have been working with, and it was truly impressive. We believe that the students who will be selected for the 2023/2025 cohort will have access to some of the best technological advancements that the university has to offer.


We wish all the applicants the best of luck during the selection process, and we will be in touch with the selected individuals in the coming weeks.

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