Develop your career with summer internships in prestigious companies with IFRoS Master

Through dedication and demonstration of their talent, IFRoS students managed to do their summer internships with remarkable companies. After one year of joining our master’s degree, they have been able to witness cutting-edge research and industry advancements. For this reason, we take immense pride in their accomplishments and we aim them to continue in this path.

In their summer internship programs they can pursue better knowledge by putting in practice what they have learned during their first course.

For us, the feedback the companies have given us is of great value as it drives us to constantly improve. Although we are still a new Master’s program, we are proud to successfully meet a market demand in the robotics field. 

Syed Mazhar – Aalto University & Vicorob

Syed will pursue his internship from August till September (two months) at Aalto University in Finland, after also carrying out an internship at VICOROB. This student will be attending the two months as a visiting researcher. His internship is focused on quadruped robots emphasising on performing autonomous tasks with the quadruped robot.

Amine Dhemaied – Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V. (DLR)

Amine is supporting the engineering team where he is involved in the development and evaluation of a simulation environment. In this capacity, he is actively engaged in testing communication with a UAV, implementing algorithms for SLAM, analysing image data, and devising dynamic flight route planning. Amine’s tasks involve intensive literature research, software development, and evaluation, which allow to put into practice his abilities.

Nada – ETH Zurich

After being accepted by a prestigious robotics research team in Switzerland’s renowned public research university Nada is doing her summer internship at the autonomous systems lab. Her research in robotics will undoubtedly contribute to advancements in the field.


Million Angesom Asefaw – CIRS 

Million is now contributing to a project on Visual Inertial Graph SLAM project at CIRS. The work he made at VICOROB demonstrates his dedication to research in computer vision and robotics.


Eric (Hoang Huy Nguyen) – MetalMarker3D Company

After Eric’s remarkable year at UdG. He embarked into a summer internship as an Embedded AI Engineer. This opportunity allowed him to be able to dive deep into the complexities of AI, combining academic knowledge of traditional embedded systems, data science, and machine learning and practice. His work definitely shows the high performance approach required for success in the field of Embedded AI.


Khawaja Ghulam, Joseph Oloruntoba & Moses Chuka – University of Girona (VICOROB)

Khawaja, Joseph and Moses are carrying out their internships at the research institute of VICOROB in Girona. They are actively developing their skills involved in cutting-edge research projects giving high value to the institute. Their work will be translated into outstanding accomplishments in the field.

Preeti Verma – University of Barcelona

She is putting in practice her knowledge in artificial intelligence on a project AI-based research at the University of Barcelona. Her hard work promises exciting developments in the application of AI.


We have no doubt that there is going to be a positive impact made by those students this summer in the robotics field. Their return in September on their academic journey is going to be much more productive after testing the respective fields they have been working on. 

Finally, we congratulate all of them for their hard work and having obtained those prestigious internships and we aim for others to take their achievements as a source of inspiration in the IFRoS community. We await to keep contributing to their career in their last year of master.


Join the IFRoS master and develop your professional future with us!

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