Enhancing Scientific Writing and Research Skills

During this months Dr. Oliver Diaz will teach a subject aimed at helping students improve both their scientific writing and research tools. This training has been divided in 4 interesting sessions:

• The prisoner of the research. This unit will introduce you to the research process and the research career. We will discuss what is research, how is funded and explore strategies for disseminating findings.
• Fantastic grants and where to find them. Research grants are very important mechanisms to finance research. In this lesson we will explore different types of grants, write a proposal, and walk through the application process
• The tales of Researcher the responsible. As researchers, we need to follow a manual of good practices from an ethical point of view. We will cover topics such as “research integrity” and “responsible research and innovation”.
• The scientist and the half-accepted paper. This unit will introduce you to the world of scientific publishing. We will cover key aspects to consider when writing an article and simulate submitting an article to a high-impact journal.



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