Exploring the Depths: Seminar on Underwater Robotics and Localization Techniques with Angelos Mallios

Angelos Mallios, Co-Founder and Technical Director at PLOATECH, recently conducted a seminar for students of IFROS and MIRS. PLOATECH is a company that provides advance scientific and customized engineering services.
The session, held on Monday morning, delved into various topics pertinent to underwater vehicles and robotics.

Key subjects covered during the talk included:

-Applications and challenges of underwater vehicles
-Mapping sensors such as vision and sonar
-Localization sensors including inertial, Doppler, and USBL, along with techniques like dead reckoning, absolute measurements, and SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping)
-Real-world examples drawn from field experiments, showcasing Terrain Aided Localization and SLAM
-Presentation of a Sonar based Scan Matching SLAM algorithm and application to an underwater cave dataset.
-Insights into the significance of underwater robotics and localization techniques for future missions, especially those targeting ocean planets within our solar system.


We would like to thank Angelos for his willingness to conduct these master classes for our students.

The seminar provided valuable insights into cutting-edge technologies and their potential applications in underwater exploration and beyond.

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