IFROS Master Students Visit Associated Companies: An Enriching Experience

The students of the IFROS Master’s program had a unique experience yesterday as they had the opportunity to visit TAVIL, one of the program’s associated companies. The participants from the third cohort, currently in their first year of the master’s program together with the MIRS master students, enjoyed a practical day immersed in a real working environment.

TAVIL specializes in the construction of machinery and automatic lines for packing, palletizing and handling. TAVIL designs, develops and produces customized solutions and turnkey projects worldwide. Its technology is based on the constant evolution of its R+D+I department and Industrial + Electronic Engineering department, together with a technical assistance service to meet individual client needs.

This initiative allows students to connect the knowledge acquired in the classroom with the professional world, providing them with a comprehensive and practical insight into the concepts learned during their academic training. Visiting associated companies is a crucial part of the IFROS Master’s program, offering a valuable perspective on how business strategies and practices are implemented in real-life situations.

“For students, it’s crucial to have the opportunity to engage directly with companies that are part of our program. This experience allows them to understand the complexity of business processes and witness firsthand how the concepts they study in their classes are applied,” commented the IFROS Master’s program coordinator.


Visiting companies in person not only provides a practical understanding of the topics covered in the classroom but also offers a valuable network of contacts for students. This type of direct interaction with industry professionals can lead to future opportunities, such as internships, collaborations, or even job offers.


The IFROS Master’s program remains committed to providing its students with enriching educational experiences and practical insights that enhance their knowledge and skills, preparing them for a promising professional future.



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