Successful Training of IFROS Second Cohort in Indoor Localization

We are proud to announce the successful completion of the Indoor Localization Training held in Karlovac, Croatia, for the second cohort of IFRoS students at Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (FER) – University of Zagreb. This immersive training experience was conducted under the prestigious AeroSTREAM project in collaboration with the Mechatronics Research Lab at Saxion University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands.


During this hands-on training, students had the unique opportunity to explore the practical applications of the cutting-edge OptiTrack Motion Capture System, combined with the PX4 Autopilot technology, for unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) localization within an indoor flying arena. The training provided students with valuable insights and practical skills in the field of indoor localization, aligning them with the latest industry standards and practices.


IFRoS extends its sincere appreciation to the distinguished guest lecturer, Ayham Alharbat, and the dedicated team of organizers – Tamara Petrović, Stjepan Bogdan, etc. – who played an instrumental role in delivering a comprehensive and informative training program.


In addition to their dedicated learning efforts, students also took the opportunity to broaden their horizons by visiting the Nikola Tesla Experience Center in Karlovac. This holistic experience not only enriched their knowledge but also allowed them to explore and appreciate the multifaceted aspects of innovation and technology.

IFRoS commends its students for their unwavering commitment to continuous learning and for their willingness to explore various dimensions of their academic journey. It is through such well-rounded experiences that future leaders are forged. We eagerly anticipate their continued growth and success in their academic and professional endeavors.


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