Introduction to Aerial Robotics

Visiting scholars from UniZG at ELTE . 4th-5th December 2023 Budapest, ELTE Faculty of Informatics.

An exciting two-day event took place at Eötvös Loránd University-IK on 4-5th December within the framework of the Intelligent Field Robotics Systems (IFRoS) international master’s course. Representatives of one of the partner universities of the IFRoS program, the University of Zagreb, who are active in the field of aerial robots (drones), visited ELTE Faculty of Informatics. The guests were welcomed by Dr. Zoltán Istenes, the course director of IFRoS in Budapest.

On the first day of the event, the participants could hear detailed introductions from both institutions. The representatives of the University of Zagreb, Professor Dr. Stjepan Bogdan, Assistant Professor Tamara Petrovic and PhD student Antonella Barišić, presented their projects and their achievements in the field of aerial robots. Then the representatives of ELTE Faculty of Informatics also introduced themselves, sharing their own research areas and current projects. The participants had the opportunity to connect the research projects between the two universities, and future cooperation opportunities were discussed along several topics.

In the afternoon, Prof. Stjepan Bogdan gave an exciting lecture on the theoretical foundations of aerial robotics to interested students. The participants were able to gain insight into the dynamic modeling of aerial vehicles and the control algorithms required for the design of different types of aerial robots. The second day continued with a presentation by Antonella Barišić, who presented the software and hardware aspects of aerial robotics. The presentation provided a detailed overview of the hardware components of the drones designed and used by LARICS, including the sensors, as well as the software layer that controls the robots.

The IFRoS event was suitable for the exchange of experience and the development of future collaborations, it helped to deepen the relations between the institutions, and it also offered ELTE Informatics students and teachers a wide range of experiences in the field of aerial robotics.





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